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Improving Ethics and Integrity on IR
Chairman Railway Board's  Messages & Thoughts
i) All executives are basically CVOs. Vigilance shall conduct super checks on executives.
ii) Malafide irregularity must be handled with iron hand.
iii) Honest mistakes to be analyzed.
iv) Onerous task on vigilance to distinguish between the honest & dishonest.
v) Every meeting, issues such as elimination of corruption, sexual harassment etc shall be discussed.
vi) Let system be built on trust.
vii) Personal conduct to be stressed upon.
viii) Honesty in little things is big things
ix) DAR is not ultimate thing
x) IT implementation
xi) Building environment and person to listen
xii) Spirit of the Instructions to be looked into.
xiii) Clear speaking orders must be recorded.
xiv) Honest Officers & Staff to be proactively supported.

Source : South Western Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 26-10-2017