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Telecom Achievements for the financial year 2017-18


  1. 148 Km of Optical Fibre Cable was laid between Bagalkot and Indi Road. Connectivity of various circuits like PRS/UTS, FOIS, Datalogger, Speech and Radio Patch have been extended on Railway owned circuits with adequate protection. 12 Nos of VSATs and 79 Nos of BSNL hired channels have been surrendered resulting in revenue savings of ₹ 60.6 Lakhs per annum.

  2. New Line: 52 kms each of Optic Fiber and 6 Quad Cables were laid in Kalyandurga-Kadaridevarpalli (22 Km), Bagalkot – Kajjidoni (30 Km) sections.

  3. Passenger Amenities 26 Nos of Digital Clocks, 6 Nos of Train Indication Boards, 11 Nos of Auto Announcement systems, 2 Nos of Coach Indication Boards have been commissioned. WiFi facility has been provided at 102 Stations of SW Railway, i.e., 5 stations of Hubballi Divn, 24 stations of Bengaluru Divn & 16 stations of Mysuru Divn.

  4. Video Surveillance System is provided at Hubballi Station under Nirbhaya Fund on trial basis.

  5. Free Wi-Fi provided in 17 Major stations over SWR by Google.

  6. Railnet Hardware Replacement and Content Management Policy Implementation has been completed in SWR Headquarters, Hubballi & Mysuru Divisions.

  7. 19 LC Gatesare Manned and provided with Communication.

  8. NOC issued in 192 PTCC cases.

  9. 700 Nosof CUG SIMs issued to safety staff which includes 329 SIMs to Sr.ALPs and ALPs & 300 SIMs to JEs/SSEs/Sr.Technicians & 71 SIMs for implementation of AEBAS in HQ.

Source : South Western Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 31-05-2018