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Safety Department at Zonal Head Quarter

         Chief Safety Officer at Head Quarter is assisted by Dy.CSO (Traffic), Dy.CSO (Mech.), ASO(S&T) & ASO (Engineering) at Zonal Head Quarter. CSO is also assisted by Sr.DSOs from 3 Divisions (UBL, SBC & MYS).

 Brief Duty List of Officers

The following is the duty list of Officers of safety department at HQ. The list is in addition to the normal duties of schedules inspections and counseling of staff of all divisions on this Railway. 


    (1)  Dy.CSO/Mechanical:-

a)  Dealing with mock drills of Disaster Management, 140 T Breakdown Crane and Inspection of ART/ ARMV, etc.

b) Coordinating with NDRF and implementation of HLCR recommendation by various departments.

c)  Conducting inspections of Work Shops, I.O.H and R.O.H depots, coaching depots, Running rooms and Crew booking Lobbies.

d) Dealing with correspondence with Railway Board regarding all technical matters.

e) Ensuring submission of statements/reports to CRS/Board.

f)  GM’s annual report.

g) Follow up of Accident Enquiry Reports and correspondence with Concerned Divisions/Railways.

h) Interaction with Railway Board, Divisions, etc., during Accidents.

i)  Pursuing Safety Drives of Railway Board & Headquarters – Submission of compliance to Board / GM in 02 weeks.

j)  Follow up action on Safety Matters, pertaining to Mech., Elect, Personnel, Medical and Security Branches.

k) Classification/Categorization of A, B, C, D of running staff of Mechanical Department. 

l)  Analyzing the cases of failures of Loco, C&W, Electrical, S&T failures and Fire cases.

m) Disaster management and vehicle movement.

n)  Monitoring the movement of SFC/Loco & SFC/C&W.  

o) Looking after duties of Dy.CSO/Traffic during his absence for any reason.

p) Any other work assigned by CSO. 


(2) Dy.CSO/Traffic:-

a) Perusing the Inspection reports of SFCs & Officers and put up summary for CSO for GM weekly meeting and follow up of deficiencies.

 b) Follow up action on Safety Matters, pertaining to Commercial, Traffic, Stores and Accounts Branches.

 c) Dealing with RTI cases as PIO.

 d) Ensuring submission of MCDO to GM / Board.

 e) Compliance to CRS / GM inspection report. 

 f)  Dealing with Budget, Finance and related issues.

 g) Dealing with CRS annual report.

 h) Organizing Safety Seminar/Meetings in Divisions & Headquarters. 

 i)  Conducting of Road Ambush Checks in different Divisions / Sections along with Engg / Traffic Officials.

 j)  Safety Inspection of Stations, Sidings, etc.

 k) Check up of A, B, C, D categorization of Traffic staff. 

 l) Monitoring of RC & PME of Traffic Staff.

m) Matters connecting with Training Institutes for ensuring Safety Camp and Disaster Management courses.

 n) Check up of SWRs / GWRs. 

 o) Monitoring the movement of SFC/T II & SFC/T III.  

 p) Looking after duties of Dy.CSO/Mech. during his absence for any reason.

 q) Any other work assigned by CSO. 

(B) Duty List of Assistant Officers

 (1) ASO/S&T

a) All Subjects pertaining to S & T, Department.This includes monitoring of Works Programme (Pink Book), SRSF works of the department.

b) Telephone Bills of Officers and Communication.

c) Monitoring of movements and inspections as per schedule of SFC/S&T (Mr. A.S. Mahesha).

d) Replies to Parliament Questions.

e) Dealing with RTI Cases as APIO.

f) Safety Audits: coordination in audits and monitoring compliance.

g) Implementation & Correspondence related to Rajbhasha.

h) Looking after duties of ASO/Engg. during his absence for any reason.

   i) Any other work assigned by CSO.

 (II) ASO/Engineering

a) All Subjects pertaining to Engineering Department.  This includes monitoring Works Programme (Pink Book), SRSF works of the department.

b) Staff Matters, Establishment & Stores.

c)  Monitoring the movements and inspections as per schedule of SFC/ Engineering   (Mr. K. Muralidharan).

d) RSRC & Corporate Safety Plan.

e) Printing of Safety Literature.

f) Preparation of Booklet for Safety Review Meeting with GM: He will ensire that the booklet is prepared on Friday with available data. The same to be uploaded with Sunday data on Monday and it should be put upto CSO at 10.00 a.m on every Monday.

e) Looking after duties of ASO/S&T during his absence for any reason.

 f) Any other work assigned by CSO.



      Function of the Safety Department


      OverView of the Safety Department


      Performance Indices of the Safety Department


      Target/Achievement of last 5 Years

Source : South Western Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 12-07-2016