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Break down Special Train equipped fully with the fallowing Telecom items is placed at Bangalore City as per the High Level Committee Recommendations on Disaster management.

  1. Three IMARSET Telephones
  2. One ISD telephone in Divisional control office
  3. Three BSNL phones in divisional control office----1072
  4. Seven Mobile phones
  5. 30 number of Walki-Talki sets
  6. 50 Line capacity WLL exchange
  7. Video Conferencing equipment between Disaster site to Railway Board
  8. One PC with high speed satellite Modem
  9. Three Satellite Phones, one each for Voice, Data, Fax.
  10. 124 AIRTEL CUG Phones to the nominated staff of Disaster Management.



  1. Automatic signalling work is in progress between Bangalore- White Field sections.
  2. Provision of IBS/IBH is in progress in 3 sections.
  3. Provision of Wi-Fi facility at 10 stations in progress.
  4. Provision of Security surveillance system under Nirbhya scheme at 11 stations.

Source : South Western Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 23-10-2017