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DCC 01

CCM/UBL Letter No.C.518/Commercial Circular/2017of 02.01.2018. (Commercial Circular No.01/2018).

Review of Flexi Fare System in Rajdhani/Shatabdi/ Duronto trains.

DCC 02

CCM/UBL.NO.C.210/Passenger traffic/2017 of 21.12.2017.

Opened for outward and Inward Booking of Stone Chips traffic.

DCC 03

CCM/UBLNo.C.518/PA/SBGA/Mahamasthakabhisheka/ 2018 Date: 19.12.2017. (COMMERCIAL CIRCULAR COACHING NO.79/2017, RATE ADVICE NO.13 OF 2017 )

Surcharge  for Mahamasthakabhisheka at Shravanabelagola and Hassan.

DCC 04

Railway Board Letter No.TCR/1078/2015/07 dt:09.01.2018(Rates Circular No. 01 of 2018)

Adjustment in Base Freight Rates- Rationalization of tariff structure for transportation of Coal & Coke by rail.

DCC 05

CCM/UBL No.C.565/ ATVMs/ T&P/ Vol. VI/ 2016-17  Date:05.01.2018

ATVMs related issues.

DCC 06

PCCM/UBL letter No.405/Implementation of GST/2017 of 09.01.18.

Pending GST input Credit amount & Wrong feed of GSTIN FOIS-reg

DCC 07

Boards letter No.TC-I/2017/109/8, dt.10.01.2018  (Corrigendum No.2 to RATES MASTER CIRCULAR/WEIGHMENT/2014/0)

Weighment of wagons/rake, exemption from weighment, procedure to deal with overloaded wagon(s) and levy of Detention Charge etc.

DCC 08

Railway Board No.TC-I/2017/109/8, dt.10.01.2018 (Corrigendum No. 7 to RATES MASTER CIRCULAR/WEIGHBRIDGE/2014/0)

Guidelines regarding provision, installation and functioning of weighbridges

DCC 09

Railway Board Letter NO.2017/TC(FM)/10/28 of 11.01.2018    (Freight Marketing Circular No. 01 Of 2018)

Modified policy guidelines on 'Comprehensive Parcel Leasing Policy' and `Leasing Parcel Cargo Express Train Policy' regarding Schedule of Powers.

DCC 10

Railway Board No.TC-11/2910/2013/Dynamic pricing/C, dt:12.01.2018.(Commercial Circular No.03 of 2018)

Revision of advance reservation period for running                   of Suvidha trains and special trains on special charges.

DCC 11

This office DCC No.64/2007 dated 07.03.2009.

Cancellation Procedure of Unreserved Ticketing system.

DCC 12

Board’s letter No.TC-II/2196/2016/Deaf & Dumb dt:12.01.2018  (Commercial Circular No. 04 of 2018)

Replacement of the words Blind, Deaf and Dumb

DCC 13

Board’s letter No. 2014/TG-I/23/PRS Terminal/Pt.2, DT: 16.01.2018 (Commercial Circular no.05 of 2018)

Implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) on Yatri Ticket Suvidha Kendra (YTSK).

DCC 14

Railway Board No.TC-II/2910/2016/Discounted Fares, dt:05.01.2018   (Commercial Circular No.86 of 2017)

Discounted fare in Shatabdi trains from Ahmedabad to Vadodara.

DCC 15

Railway Board No.TC II/2910/17/Anubhuti Coach. dt:22.12.2017 (Commercial Circular No. 84/ of 2017)  

Fare structure of Anubhuti Coach.

DCC 16

Railway Board No.TC II/2910/17/AC EMU, dt:22.12.2017 (Commercial Circular No. 85 of 2017)

Fare structure of AC EMU.

DCC 17

Railway Board No.TCR/1394/201, dated 18.01.2018

Designed Tare Weight, Permissible Carrying Capacity and Loading Tolerance of BRN wagon.

DCC 18

CCM/UBL ltr No.TA/SWR/SBC/BS OF 16.01.2018.

Proper Preparation of Cash Remittance Notes.

DCC 19

Railway Board No. TCR/1017/2017/05 Dt:19.01.2018

Booking of automobiles traffic in DBKM rakes —  Trainload charging and maximum load thereof.

DCC 20

CCM/UBL letter No.C.206/TL/2017/Vol.VI dated 25.09.2009.

Opening of Bidadi (BID) Station for handling inward goods  traffic including crane consignment – reg.

CCM/UBL letter No.C.471/Alpha Code/Vol.III/SWR dt: 23.01.2018.

Allotment of 08 Digit Numerical Code & Alpha Code.

DCC 21

Railway Board No.TCII/2080/12/Livestock, dt:24.01.2018 (Freight Marketing Circular No. 02.of 2018).

Revision of freight charges for transportation of all animals including wild animals & birds in Parcel vans and Brake vans

DCC 22

Board’s No.TCR/1078/2018/02, dt:31.01.2018

Guidelines for implementation of E-way Bill over Indian Railway.

DCC 23

CCM/UBL no.C.493/Mela Surcharge/2018 of 29.01.2018.

Levy of Mela surcharge in respect of Amavasya Mela during 2018 at Chitrakutdham Karwi.

CCM/UBL No.C.441/Opening of Parcel Traffic/Band dt: 29.01.2018.

Opening of Banaswadi (BAND) Railway Station for Parcel and Luggage traffic.

DCC 24

CCM/UBL.C.490/Siding/2018 dt: 24.01.2018.

Closure of 21 Stations for handling of Live Stock traffic.

CCM/UBL ltr No.C.490/Siding/2018 of 24.01.2018

Permission for co-use of M/S.HPCL's Private Siding at Loni on Pune division by M/S.IOC Ltd.

DCC 25

CCM/UBL No.C.206/Parcel Policy/SWR.Vol.VIII dt: 31.01.2018

Delegation of powers to Zonal Railways to decide parcel rates in the SLR of intra-Railway trains.

DCC 26

Railway Board No. 2018/TC (FM)/ 11/2 dated 30.01.2018  (Freight Marketing Circular No. 4 of 2018)

Attachment of VVNs as 25th vehicle in passenger carrying trains.

CCM/UBL NO.C.450/CONCOR.VOL.IV of 31.01.2018.

Hub & Spoke policy for movement of container Trains-reg.

DCC 27

Railway Board Letter No.TC-I/2014/214/3 dt: 05.02.2018

Charging freight on through distance basis in case of sidings

Railway Board letter No.TCR/1078/2018/02 of05.02.2018

Guidelines for implementation of E-way Bill – to be kept in abeyance.

DCC 28

Railway Board No. 2018/TG-I/20/04, Dt:31.01.2018 (COMMERCIAL CIRCULAR NO. 07 OF 2018)

Defining of changing the code of Executive Class                   of Shatabdi Express trains as EC.

Railway Board No.TCR/1618/2016/STS/02, dt:07.02.2018

Station to Station Rates Guidelines

DCC 29

Railway Board No.TC-I/2014/214/3 of 05.02.2018.

Charging freight on through distance basis in case of sidings

Railway Boards No.TC-I/2015/104/5, dt.:09.02.2018

Modification of the format of Annexure-C under e-Payment system.

DCC 30

CCM/S.C. Railway letter no.C.210-G-I/Review of Halts/2017 dt: 14.12.2017

Closure of non-remunerative Halts over South Central Railway.

DCC 31

Railway Board No.TC-1/2018/302/1, dt. 09.02.2018

Stabling Charge

Railway Board No.TCR/1078/2008/11 Pt., dated: 13.02.2018         (Corrigendum No.03 to Rates Circular No. 23 of 2015)

Levy of Congestion Surcharge for traffic booked to Bangladesh.

DCC 32

CCM/UBL letter NO.C.518/Reservation Instruction/2018 of 01.02.2018

SMS Service for Delayed Trains.

CCM/UBL NO.C.490/Siding/2018 dt: 19.01.2018.

Opening of Jhilo (JLLO) station for outward goods traffic.

DCC 33

Railway Board circular No.TC-I/2015/223/1 dt: 16.02.2018 (Rates Circular No.02 of 2018)

Notified Stations.

DCC 34

Railway Board No.2013/TG-I/20/P/PRS Ticket Pt.II, Dt:13.02.2018 (COMMERCIAL CIRCULAR NO.10 OF 2018)

Discontinuation of pasting of reservation charts on train coaches.

DCC 35

Railway Board No.2007/TG-1/20/P Pt.II dt: 15.02.2018  (COMMERCIAL CIRCULAR. NO. 13 OF 2018)

Earmarking of reservation quota for women.

DCC 36

Railway Board No.TCR/1394/2004/2 Vol. IV-Pt.l , dated 23.02.2018            Corrigendum No.14 to Rates Master Circular/PCC/2015/0

Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes.

DCC 37

CCM/UBL NO.c.37/Goods Shed Working hrs Vol.VII dt: 21.02.2018

Implementation of Round-the-Clock working Hours at Nidavanda               goods shed (NDV) on Bengaluru division.

Railway Board No.TCR/1078/2014/27, dated 26.02.2018 (Rates Circular No. 03 of 2018)

Congestion Surcharge on Goods Traffic Originating from Ports.

DCC 38

FA & CAO/WST/SWR/UBL letter NO.A/TA/HQ/UBl/01 dt: 15.02.2018

Non-following of security measures both by Radiant and Railway commercial staff in dealing with Railway Cash.

DCC 39

Railway Board letter No.Tc-I/2014/302/2 dt: 27.02.2018           (Corrigendum No.14 to Rates Master Circular/CRT-CCR-Hub & Spoke/2015/0)

Charging of Kota Stone in containers.

Railway Board No.TCR/1078/2015/07, dated:27.02.2018

Adjustment in Base Freight Rates- Classification of Commodities.

DCC 40

Railway Board No.TC11/2364/10/Haulage Charges dt:09.02.2018            Freight Marketing Circular No.05 of 2018

Haulage Charges for postal traffic

DCC 41


Rail Haulage charge on Empty flat Rake movement for TXR examination.

DCC 42

Railway Board  No.TCR/2201/2004/1, dt:04.02.2018      (Rates Circular No. 04 of 2018)

Revision of rates of miscellaneous charges.

DCC 43

Railway Board No.TC-I/2018/302/2, dt.27.02.2018       Rates Circular No. 5 of 2018

Operation of container trains by Private Container Operator (PCO) in railway owned terminals.

DCC 44

CCM/UBL NO.C.518/SWR/Comml Circular/2018 dt: 27.02.2018. (COMMERCIAL CIRCULAR COACHING NO.15/2018 of Rate Advice No.02/2018)

Policy on earmarking of berths on demand from IRCTC for value added tour packages.

DCC 45

GS/IRCA/NDLS letter No.Al-89/B/IV dated 31.01.2018

Name and Code Initials of Stations, Sidings PRS etc sanctioned to be adopted.

DCC 46

This office letter No.B/S.14/Telephone bills/SBC div./2018 dt:05.03.2018.

Passing of telephone bills.

DCC 47

Dy.FA&CAO/SWR letter NO.A/TA/SWR/SBC/BS/OS dt: 21.02.2018

Submission of CRIS generated Daily Cash Transaction Statement with Daily Cash Remittance Note.

DCC 48

Railway Board letter No.2017/TC(FM)/04/17 of 07.03.2018( Freight Marketing Circular No. 06 Of 2018) (Amendment No. 2 to Wagon Leasing Scheme)

Wagon Leasing Scheme (WLS).

 DCC 49

Railway Board letter No.TCR/1078/2017/16 Pt. Date: 08.03.2018.

Clarification as Levy of GST on demurrage/ wharfage, WRF etc. for transportation of goods by rail.

DCC 50

Railway Board No.TC-I/2014/103/2, dt. 13.03.2018.

Electronic Transmission of Railway Receipt (eT-RR)

DCC 51

Railway Board No.TC-I/2014/302/2, dt. 13.03.2018

Container Class Rate and Hub & Spoke System of charging

DCC 52

Classification of Iron Ore.

Railway Board No.TCR/1078/2015/ 24,  dt:13.03.2018

DCC 53

CCM/UBL NO.C.441/Station closed for Parcel/luggage traffic dt: 14.03.2018.

Closure of Parcel traffic at Krishnarajapuram (KJM) station for through trains on Bengaluru Division.

CCM/UBL No.C.450/PPP/Concor.Vol.III dt: 13.03.2018

Haulage Charge for running of Double Stack Dwarf container.

 (Commercial Circular (Goods)No.18/2014 Rate Advice No.04/2014)

Opening of Raybag (RBG) station for handling inward steel traffic (crane consignment) till end of March,2018 – reg

DCC 54

Accountal of Mobile Ticket Earnings.

CCM/UBLNo.565/SWR/MobileTicket/2015-16/Vol-I Dt:20.03.2018.

DCC 55

CCM/UBL NO.C.450/CONCOR Vol.V dt: 14.03.2018.

Movement of Restricted Commodities (Quick Lime) in Containers.

DCC 56

No. B/C.57/Remittance of Station Earnings/CR Notes/RCO/2018

Accountal of station earnings of March-2018 and dispatch of cash Remittance notes and receipt in Revenue Cash Office at SBC.

DCC 57

Railway Board No. 2017/TC(FM)/11/10 DT: 21.03.2018

Instructions regarding submission of e-way bill.

DCC 58

CCM/UBL letter No. C.206/Parcel/One Transhipment/Vol.I Date: 29.03.2018

Extension of booking and loading facility of parcels with one transshipment at enroute within SWR to optimize the parcels earnings.

DCC 59

Railway Board No. TCR/1078/2017/19, Date:22.03 2018

Transportation of Goods by Rail - Levy of Goods and Service Tax (GST).

DCC 60

Railway Board No.TCR/1078/2018/02, dated 23.03.2018

Guidelines for implementation of E-way Bill for transportation by goods train over Indian Railway.

DCC 61

Railway Board No.TCR/1394/2004/2 Vol. IV-Pt.l, dated:21.03.2018 Corrigendum No.1.6to Rates Master. Circular/PCC/2015/0

Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes.

DCC 62

Rates Master Circular dated 14.07.2016 on Block Rakes/Mini Rake/Two Point Combination etc./2016/0 and Corrigenda thereto.

Policy Guidelines- Transportation Products - Block Rakes; Mini Rake (covered wagons), Two Point Rake (covered wagons), Multi Point Rake (covered wagons), Two and Multi Point Rake (other than covered wagons), Rakes from Two Originating Terminals (covered wagons) and Rakes from Two Originating Terminals (other than covered wagons).

DCC 63

Railway Board No.TC-I/2016/201/1 dt.21.3.2018 (Corrigendum No.3 to RATES MASTER CIRCULAR Demurrage-Wharfage 2016 0)

Free time for loading of rakes of coal and iron-ore.

DCC 64

A/TA/SBC/TS/Dist.Vetting/10 Vol.IV dt:23.02.2018

RE-Opening of Hudukula Halt station between Kolar-Bangarpet Stations of Bengaluru division, SW Rly.

DCC 65

Railway Board No.TC-I/2018/201/1, dt. 12.03.2018

Uniform working hours and business hours for railway goods shed/siding — incentive for extended working hours and immediate removal of goods

DCC 66

Railway Board No.TC R/1394/2011/04, dt. 21.03.2018 (Corrigendum No.15 to Rates Mater Circular PCC/2015/0 Corrigendum No.3 to Rates Mater Circular Weighment 2014/0)

Loading Tolerance of BCCW wagons.

DCC 67

Railway Board’s letter No.TC-I/2014/302/2 dt:19.03.2018. (Corrigendum No.16 to Rates Master circular/CRT-CCR-Hub & spoke/2015/0)

Container Class Rate in case of CR Coils (Cold Rolled coils).

DCC 68

Railway Board No.TCR/1078/2008/1, dated: 22.03.2018. Corrigendum No.01 to Rates Circular No.17 of 2016

Operation of Merry-Go-Round (MGR) System by Railways.

DCC 69

Railway Board No.TCR/1078/2015/05  Pt.1dated:22.03.2018  Corrigendum No.03 to Rates Circular No.29 of 2016

Liberalised Automatic Freight Rebate Scheme for traffic loaded    in Traditional Empty Flow Directions (TEFD).

DCC 70

Railway Board No.TCR/1078/2016/05, dated:27.03.2018 (Rates Circular No.08 of 2018)

Adjustment in Base Freight Rates for Short Lead Goods Traffic.

DCC 71

Railway Board  No. 2011/TG-I/10/ATVMs/Facilitators, dt:26.03.2018 (COMMERCIAL CIRCULAR NO. 18 OF 2018)

Appointment of facilitators for issuing of unreserved tickets through ATVMS.

DCC 72

Railway Board letter No.TCR/1078/2017/25 of 03.04.18

GST: web-based module for correction of wrongly entered GSTIN in TMS

DCC 73

Railway Board No.2006/TC(FM)/11/18 dt: 06.04.2018(Freight Marketing Circular No.12 of 2018)

Marketing of Parcel traffic by rail- modification in FM Circular No. 32 of 2006.

DCC 74

Railway Board no.TC-I/2017/104/3 of 12.01.2018 (Commercial Circular No.21 of 2018)

Incidence of Goods and Service Tax (GST) on provision of Catering Services over IR.

DCC 75

Railway Board No.TCR/1394/2017/02 dt: 10.04.2018.

Permissible Carrying Capacity (PCC), Standard Rake Size and Loading Tolerance of BFNSM 22.9 Tonne type of Wagon.

DCC 76

Railway Board No.TC-II/2951/2017/1 Date.04.04.2018

Transportation of fruits and vegetables including Mango traffic and   other mixed perishable goods traffic in Parcel rakes.

DCC 77

Railway Board No.TC-I/2017/201/1,Dt. 03.04.2018

Demurrage/Wharfage charges.

DCC 78

Railway Board No.TC-I/2015/104/5 Pt.1 ,Dt. 10.04.2018

e-Payment system

DCC 79

Railway Board No.TC-I/2017/104/3 ,Dt.12.04.2018

e-Payment system

DCC 80

Railway Board No.2014/TG-V/5/1, dated 01.03.2018.  (Addendum to Commercial Circular No. 24 of 2014)

Ticket Checking by TTE Squad of Zonal Railways in Rajdhani, Duronto, Premium and Sampark Kranti Express within Zonal jurisdiction.

DCC 81

CFTM/UBL No.C.209/Rationalization Scheme of 09.04.18

Preferential Traffic Order G O No.92-reg.

DCC 82

CCM/UBL No.C.478/Parcel Traffic/2018 of 18.04.2018.

Opening of Islampur (IPR) and Pataliputra station (PPTA) for outward and inward parcel traffic.


CFTM/SWR/UBL’s letter No.T.240/weighbridges/Vol.XI dt: 23.03.2018.

Notified list of Associate weighbridges and Alternate Associate Weighbridges on Setihalli station.

DCC 83

CCM/UBL Ltr No.C.37/Goods shed Working Hrs/Vol.VII dt: 11.04.2018.

Opening of Chikkodi Road Goods shed (CKR for handling crane consignments.

DCC 84

Railway Board No.TCR/1017/2017/04 dated: 24.04.2018.

Policy Guidelines - Transportation Products - Block Rakes; Mini Rake (covered wagons), Two Point Rake (covered wagons), Multi Point Rake (covered wagons), Two & Multi Point Rake (other than covered wagons), Rakes from Originating Terminals (covered wagons) and Rakes from Two Originating Terminals (other than covered wagons).

DCC 85

CCM/UBL letter No.C.206/Programmed Traffic/15 dt: 13.04.2018.

Coal loading under Priority-D.

DCC 86

CCM/UBL ltr No.C.37/Damage of wagons Vol.II dt: 13.04.2018

Joint Procedure Order No.1/2018 for door closing wagons.

DCC 87

CCM/UBL NO.C.405/Implementation of GST/2018/Vol.II dt:16.04.2018.

GST: web-based module for correction of wrongly entered GSTIN in TMS.

DCC 88

CCM/UBL No.C.125/Ex-gratia/Policy/2018dt: 12.04.2018.

True and timely reporting of all accidents on Safety Information Management systems(SIMS).

DCC 89

CCM/UBL NO.C.37/LWIS/JSWT/2017 OF 12.04.2018

Addendum to Agreement for movement of steel in BFNS wagons of M/S.JSW Steel Ltd Under Liberalised Wagons Investment Scheme(LWIS).

DCC 90

Railway Board letter No.2017/TT-III/1/1 of 27.03.2018

Preferential Traffic Order GO NO.92.

DCC 91

Railway Board No.TCR/1078/2008/1, dated: 26.04.2018 (Rates Circular No. 9 of 2018)

Operation of Merry-Go-Round (MGR) System by Railways.

DCC 92

Sr.DCM orders

Need for positive response to customers.

DCC 93

Railway Board No.TCR/1078/2017/19, dated: 27.04.2018 

Transportation of commodity by goods train meant for Nepal & Bhutan Levy of GST.

DCC 94

Railway Board No. 2018/TC(FM)/04/01, dated 26.04.2018.   (FREIGHT MARKETING MASTER CIRCULAR GPWIS/2018/0)


DCC 95

CCM/UBL letter No.C.565/UTS/Vol-IX dt: 02.05.2018

Issue of Higher class tickets from UTS.

DCC 96

Railway Board No.TC-I/2010/108/4 pt. dt:09.05.2018

Designed tare weight of wagons for fixation of permissible carrying capacity

DCC 97

Railway Board No. TCR/1078/2008/01, Date: 09.05.2018

Operation of Merry-Go-Round (MGR) system from Lalmatia Loading complex (Rajmahal area) LLCR to NTPC Pvt. Siding Kahalgaon (NTKS).

DCC 98

Railway Board No. 2016/TC (FM)/ 11/ 15 dated.10.05.2018.

Reduction in carrying capacity of SLRD coaches (Amendment in FM Circular no. 09 of 2016)

DCC 99

Railway Board No.TCR/1394/2004/2 Vol. IV-Pt.1, dated 11.05.2018

Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes.

DCC 100

Railway Board letter No. 2018/TC(FM)/04/01 dt:18.05.2018. CORRIGENDUM NO. 1 TO FM MASTER CIRCULAR GPWIS/2018/0 FREIGHT MARKETING CIRCULAR No. 16 of 2018


DCC 101

Railway Board No.TCR/1099/2012/1 dated:17.05.2018  Rates Circular No.10 of 2018

Inflation in distance for charging freight on Banspani-Tomka BG section on East Coast Railway and South Eastern Railway.

DCC 102

Railway Board No.TC-I/2017/109/5, dt.17.05.2018 Corrigendum No.4 to Rates Master Circular/Weighment/2014/0

Dispensation from mandatory(100%) weighment in the case of container rake loaded with containers carrying standard bags of uniform size.

DCC 103

CCM/UBL letter No.C.37/AFTO/Policy/SWR dt: 09.05.2018.


DCC 104

PCCM/UBL letter No.C.37/LWIS/JSWT/2017 dt: 10.05.2018

Retrofitment of twin pipe on air brake wagons by private owners (AFTO, SFTO, WLS and LWIS).

DCC 105

CCM/UBL letter No.c.490/Siding Policy/2018 Date: 17.05.2018.(Commercial Circular (GOODS) NO.39/2018, RATE ADVICE NO.05/2018)

Policy on ‘Premier customers’ for freight traffic on Indian Railway.

DCC 106

Railway Board letter No.TC-I/2017/109/3 New Delhi, dt. 21.05.2018  Addendum 4 to RATES MASTER CIRCULAR/WEIGHMENT/2014/0

Exemption from mandatory weighment in case of low density commodities.

DCC 107

CCM/UBL letter No.C.206/Parcel/Rationalization/2018-19/SWR dt: 30.05.2018. (COMMERCIAL  COACHING CIRCULAR NO. 36/2018,RATE ADVICE NO. 05 of 2018)

Classification of trains for the purpose of charging freight for parcel and luggage traffic w.e.f 01.06.2018.

DCC 108

B/C.57/IMPREST CASH/2018 OF 30.05.2018

Enhancement, Creation and Surrendering of Imprest cash of commercial Units of various stations over the Division-reg.

DCC 109

Sr.DCM instructions

Guidelines for the usage of Ribbon cartridges for printing UTS tickets.

Source : South Western Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 08-06-2018  

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